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1. Where is my order?
After you place an online order, we transfer it to the restaurant which will then start preparing your food. Our restaurants do everything they can to get your food delivered as quickly as possible. Once the Driver started from restaurant you get the notification and you have option to live track the delivery person in map. However, heavy traffic or raining or unexpectedly high demand may cause delays to your food delivery. Please bear with us. If it’s been too long, you can contact us and we will find out what’s going on immediately.

2. Are there any discounts available at Flyer Eats right now?
Yes. Flyer Eats offers different discounts at all times. You will get notifications in your mobile!

3. Can I cancel or change the location of my delivery after placed the food order?
No. Currently our system not engaging the users to cancel or change address after made the food order.

4. What happens if I am not around when my delivery courier arrives?
When our couriers arrive at your specified delivery location, they will give you a ring or drop you a text so you know your meal has arrived. If they can’t get hold of you, our Customer Care team will also reach out and try to contact you via phone or email. Our couriers will wait up to 7 minutes before heading to their next location. Once this time has elapsed, then the a). credited money through card payment will not be able to refund/reschedule orders that were not fulfilled due to your incorrect delivery and/or contact details and/or no proper person to collect the food. b). If its COD order, then the delivery person will come again to collect the money with additional delivery charge due to duplication of the visit.5. What are your opening hours?Flyer Eats restaurants available time is mentioned in web/mobile app itself from Monday to Sunday.During closing hours you can browse restaurants and place order for later(Pre-Order).

Restaurant - FAQs

1. What is Flyer Eats?
Flyer Eats is a food delivery platform powered by BIENE Technologies. We promote your menu through the Flyer Eats app, website and various other channels. When you receive an order, you prep it as normal and we’ll send a delivery partner to pick it up and deliver it – fast.

2. How does it work?
A customer opens the Flyer Eats app, picks an item from your menu and places an order. - You accept the order - The customer tracks the order’s progress through the Flyer Eats app - You fulfill the order and hand it off to a delivery partner - The delivery partner delivers your order to the customer

3. What kind of restaurants are listed on Flyer Eats?
Any kind really. Ultimately we want to offer our customers the widest possible choice of restaurants that they can order their meals from. All of our app customers' experiences are star rated ultimately providing a user curated restaurant listing. We'd love to hear from you if your favourite restaurant is missing. Just ping us a message to

Order Food User - FAQs

1. I don’t remember my password?
Already created an account but struggling to recall your password? Click on 'Login/Register' at the homepage then click on 'Forgot Password?'. Fill out your email address and a password recovery link will be sent to you by email.

2. What are the advantages of an account at Flyer Eats?
You are not obliged to create an account, but it is very handy.There are definitely a few advantages of signing up:- Your past delivery addresses will be saved so that you don't have to enter them all over again in your next order- You can track the history of every order with their details in your account- You can quickly Pre-order- You can leave a review and let everyone know about your experience There are many more advantages - register with us today and start exploring!

3. How much is the delivery charges?
Pricing starts from 20 rs. and varies as per the restaurant distance with the order delivery location.

4. How do I redeem a coupon code?
Enter redemption code in the discount box during checkout. A customer account is required to use a coupon code.

Delivery Drivers/Partners - FAQs

1. What is Code of conduct?
Mentioned the detailed mandatory code of conduct in the joining agreement.

2. When I have to return my inhand order collection amount?
On daily basis to deposit the amount in our bank account using your nearest Bank Deposit Machine or Online transfer methods.

Any more queries please write directly to

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